he perfect gift

A pencil portrait makes a very special 1st anniversary gift.  I can draw it from any good clear photograph - either taken on the day of the wedding or, perhaps, on the honeymoon.

In fact, any favourite photograph of the couple can make a beautiful portrait.

Although, being paper, it makes an ideal first anniversary gift, it can also be an ideal thank-you gift for the bride or groom's parents.


onna and Chris

Photo of Donna and Chris which was used for the anniversary portrait
Portrait of Donna and Chris


isha and Steven

Photo of Lisha and Steven which was used for the anniversary portrait
This was one of a pair of portraits commissioned by Lisha for her husband on their anniversary.

Suffice to say that her jewellery was challenging to draw! She was pleased with the end result though.
Portrait of Lisha and Steven


ick and Fiona

Photo of Mick and Fiona which was used for the anniversary portrait
When Mick commissioned his portrait, he asked me to include a romantic verse:

I love thee, I love but thee
With a love that shall not die
Till the sun grows cold,
And the stars grow old.......

He presented it to his wife during their anniversary meal at Michel Roux's restaurant in Bray.
Portrait of Mick and Fiona