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Most of my portrait commissions are drawn as surprise gifts for loved ones on the occasion of their Paper Wedding Anniversary - If you'd like to commission such a special gift then please get in touch and I will give you a quote for your portrait.

sample gift certificateYou may, however, be running out of time or prefer the recipients to be able to choose their own photos. For this reason, I offer fixed-price First Anniversary Gift Vouchers.

These personalised presentation gift vouchers are available for single or double portraits and are produced on high-quality stationery - continuing the Paper Anniversary theme.

Once the couple have selected the photo they would like the portrait drawn from, the commission will be drawn and the portrait sent out.


You can buy a voucher (valid for 1 year) from me using the form below and pay by credit card online, by cheque or by bank transfer. I'll produce the personalised voucher and send it to you as soon as I receive the payment.

ift voucher prices:

Single subject - head and shoulders: £ ( $ / € )

Two subjects - head and shoulders: £ ( $ / € )

Two subjects - whole or ¾ body: £ ( $ / € )

This price includes the personalised presentation gift voucher, the pencil portrait and postage costs.

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